Technical - Requirements

Other topics on cradles tender packages.


How do I determine which machine is Needed?

1- Define the areas that require cleaning
2- Define area where a machine could traverse
3- Decide what are the movements needed
4- Calculate the distance free from the center of the machine to furthest area to reach
5- Determine the available space for the machine to travel
6- Locate posible obstacles and allow for space behind the machine
7- Consider safe access to the roof and machine
8- Specify fall arrest system if aplicable

Other topics on cradles tender packages are………

- Electrical plugs, every 40m at least, 3 phases, earth, 16A
- Pins & sockets, on the façade at the height of 40m, and every 20m
- Typical plinth have to be waterproof and properly located, specially on bends
- Standard color is Ral 9007 which is dark gray. (we can paint in any other color)
- Crane, we need to know the load capacity and need to be available
- Loads & reactions need to be taken in care on the building structure
- Our cradle is 2 m length, 240 kgr and 2 people as an standard. Other sizes on request

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